Hello! My name is Margaret Julliet aka MJ, a mother of two boys. I refer to them as my jewels because they really are.

They say curiosity killed a cat. It is this curiosity that has led to the birth of this blog. The curiosity to know what health entails. I like checking out the health benefits of all that I take. I go further to check the relationship between the medications I receive with my diet. That is why.

I am an upcoming freelancer, trained in article writing and transcription and out to make money online. On the side, I am poultry farmer, which line runs parallel with organic farming of vegetables and spices.

I like practicing valuable lessons I learn from respective gurus as I enjoy seeing others flourish. The reason behind this blog since we learn from each other. I appreciate when my visitors leave comments that will help me improve and grow my other readers.

Wherever you are based, you are welcome to let me know how best this blog can impact your life, business, online or otherwise.

Welcome to Sifran’s world of exploration.



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